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The Green Women

By Laura J. Underwood. Cover art by Laura J. Underwood.


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Available in e-book format:

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“Lock and bar your door this night. Pray your man sleeps heavy. Come morning, ride from this place. Forget what you have seen here and never come back.”

Cryptic words from Mistress Greenwater to Eithne Manahan. And indeed, the castle where she and her family stopped was dark and looming, but it offered shelter for the night. A healer by trade, Eithne was a little puzzled to see only women living and working in the place. Strange young women who set out to befuddle her husband Conor and her adopted son Rhoyd. But when the river rose, and the water turned green, and even passageways seemed to vanish, she became convinced there was a dark power about to deprive her of husband and son as well as destroy the other men who sheltered there. And even though no one believes her, it is Eithne who sets out to solve the mystery of The Green Women before they can claim the lives of those she loves.

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