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2014 CONS

Welcome to the Yard!

Are you tired of all those spectacular literary works that make you use your brain?

Do you crave the bizarre, the wild, the completely bouncing-off-the-wall?

Then come on in, grab a chain, pull up a tree, and bark at the passing cars. You belong in the yard with the dog — the YARD DOG, that is!


Success at last — or total ruin?

Tom always wanted to make his living writing, and now he does — but he’s writing other people’s books. He’s feeling like a sell-out and growing more resentful every day as he watches the people he ghost writes for make millions. They go on book tours and talk about the books he wrote as if they had done all the work. Meanwhile, he barely ekes by.

Sherry Hays is a talented writer who is barely making ends meet doing odd jobs. Yet she constantly refuses Tom’s offers to get her work ghost writing.

When the small press that is the only house at which Tom has books in his own name — and the only place that Sherry has books at all — goes under, Tom decides to take action.

Cover art by Melanie Fletcher.

Fade away...

Jesse James was a rock star with the high profile life that went with it. When everything fell apart, as far as Jessy was concerned, she had two choices: blow her brains out or disappear. But after years in seclusion with no one knowing where she is, she realizes that she’s alive, but she isn’t living.

This time around will things be different or will trying to get back into the business and back to living only drive her deeper into hiding?

Cover art by Melanie Fletcher.

Set in the world of the Ard Magister comes another tale of wonder from the pen of Laura J. Underwood.

“Lock and bar your door this night. Pray your man sleeps heavy. Come morning, ride from this place. Forget what you have seen here and never come back.”

Cryptic words from Mistress Greenwater to Eithne Manahan. Now, Eithne must solve the mystery of The Green Women before they can claim the lives of those she loves.

Cover art by Laura J. Underwood.

Three stories about the abuse of privilege at the highest levels.

Collecting his novellas Diva and Extensions in one book with the new novella Raitch, Later, The Logic of Departure explores the human side of the near future with compassion and emotional depth

Cover art by David Lee Anderson.

Can even love conquer when two people are carrying so much personal baggage?

Dana Sinclair is one of the most successful science fiction writers in the world, with her books being adapted into screen plays and winning every major award in the field. But she is far from having it all, as she is haunted by the ghosts of her past.

Michelle has lied to herself and everyone else her whole life. But when she meets Dana at a book signing, she has to deal with feelings she has always kept carefully locked up.

Cover art by Melanie Fletcher.

What elements make up a story?

This slim volume will answer that question quickly and concisely. Looking for that elusive descriptor? Not sure what type of hero/villain you need for this story? The prod your imagination needs can be found inside these pages.

The Geometries of Love is a sly title, teasing us with the thought that something as unwieldy as love could be reduced to neat, measurable points and lines. These poems of longing, remembrance, and sometimes regret are alive with the unmeasurable—passion both everyday and extraordinary, and the shadows and imagery it imprints on the soul. Because these poems are heartfelt, they soar.

— Wayne Courtois, author of A Report from Winter

Did you ever feel like someone else had your life?

Jo doesn’t feel like she deserves any of the multiplicity of shit storms that have rained on her through her life. She has given up on fulfilling any of the dreams she had for herself, and is now just existing. It’s not what she wanted, but it seems to be as good as she can get, and maybe… just maybe… if she flies real low under the radar everyone will just leave her alone.

So, when the door opens wide will she walk through it or slam it in the face of the very person who has her “real” life?

Working as a corporate assassin was supposed to be Brandon’s dream job, but so far it just sucks!

His boss hates him, he’s behind on his bills, he’s the laughing stock of the entire assassins’ guild, and now everyone is trying to kill him. Friends can’t be trusted, inter-office relationships are frowned upon, the dental plan isn’t great, and you might get stabbed in the back at any moment, figuratively or literally… But that’s just part of the job when you work for Assassins Incorporated.

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