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About Yard Dog Press

Welcome to the Yard!

Are you tired of all those spectacular literary works that make you use your brain?

Do you crave the bizarre, the wild, the completely bouncing-off-the-wall?

Then come on in, grab a chain, pull up a tree, and bark at the passing cars. You belong in the yard with the dog — the YARD DOG, that is!


We will be running a Lucky Seven sale from now until the end of January (which means this won't be the last time I talk about it). In order to get this deal you will have to contact Lynn directly by e-mailing

Here's the deal. All titles listed—while supplies last—are $7.00 each. If you buy seven or more books (any combination of titles on the list), you will also get free shipping and handling. Regular shipping is $3.00. If you order under seven books, just add $3.00 to your payment.

Any of Selina Rosen’s titles can also be signed and/or personalized at your request.

This is a hell of a deal! BEST SALE EVER! Be sure to tell your friends! Or don't because the holidays are coming up and as I've said many times before, books make the best gifts. When you give a Yard Dog Press Lucky Seven Sale book as a gift, then for once people will open a gift and NOT know how cheap you are.

And here's what's on sale...

By Selina Rosen

By Laura Underwood

By Lee Killough

By Ken Rand

So check these titles out and then e-mail Lynn at and buy some books. DO IT NOW!!!


Do you need your BOTA fix? Did you ever wonder what stories those future Bubbas will be reading to their kids? No? Well too bad ’cause here it is--a collection of bed time stories for every little bubba and bubbette and of course Ned who need to learn what happens when they don’t do what they’re told and the Yumbies eat ’em. The idea of following her mother as Queen of the Kartik is so distasteful to Jestia that she grabs her lover, jumps on a Katabull fishing vessel, and heads for the Kartik-held territories. Of course, the Katabull believe that only one who doesn’t want to rule will make a good leader, which makes Jestia just about perfect... Leprechauns, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and vampires… oh my!

Praise for the two original chapbook collections—now all in one with brand-new stories. Finally, the entire story of Bruce and Roxanne in one volume!
A vital interstellar hub, Tarbox Station is no stranger to hosting aliens—and the Barzons are some of the most alien yet. As station events spiral out of control, the crew race to discover the truth: are the Barzons victims or conspirators? And how many will die before they find answers? When I first decided to admit to myself and others that I was a Hoarder, I asked myself “Okay, what are you going to do about it?” My first answer was to write. I decided to write for a year about being a hoarder. I would write about anything that related to why I was a hoarder. Andy's summer job as a mad scientist's assistant results in him helping a couple of colorful gamblers with their daring plan -- bring a super-racehorse called the Roan Ranger back to life in time to win the Durk's Classic.
Tom makes his living writing other people’s books. Sherry Hays is a talented writer who is barely making ends meet. When the small press that has all of their books goes under, Tom and Sherry join forces to get even. After her rock star life falls apart, Jesse James has two choices: blow her brains out or disappear. But after years in seclusion, she realizes that being a rock chick means taking risks, even if it leaves her life in tatters. Cryptic words from Mistress Greenwater force Eithne Manahan to solve the mystery of The Green Women before they can claim the lives of those she loves.

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