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Judas Gene

By Gary Moreau. Cover art by Mitchell Bentley.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 332 pages

$16.00 + Shipping

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Is "junk DNA" really junk, or is it biding its time?

Jack Nichols’s dream was to be among those chosen to go to Mars. His dream was crushed when he was thrown out of the space program. Some would judge him provoked. Others would consider it a character flaw. Either way he wasn’t going to Mars. As the second mission is returning to Earth something goes horribly wrong. Because of Nichols’s knowledge of the Mars Explorer, he is ordered back to the World Space Agency. Nichols, a pathologist, and a member of Special Forces are sent to the International Space Station where the Mars Explorer is docked. Nichols and his team find far more than they are prepared for.

There are times when chance events alter human history. Nichols’ investigation of the calamity aboard the Mars Explorer becomes just such a time.

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