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Gateway to Corimar

By Linda L. Donohue and Julia S. Mandala.
Cover art by Kevin J. Hopkins.
Title design by Kevin Hopkins.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

(Fantasy Writer Asylum Imprint)

$16.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Trapped in a world of magic and monsters!

While playing with a book of spells, Skyla, Theo, Jackie, Alyssa and Marcus accidentally transport themselves to the magical world of Corimar. The locals consider them adults, which sounds exciting until they realize they must pay for food and shelter with hard labor. Too bad Skyla and her friends are all prone to the usual—and some unusual—problems and misjudgments of youth. Skyla, who is bipolar and without meds, must fight the erratic behavior spawned by her mood swings. Aspiring country singer Alyssa discovers she has uncontrolled bardic magic, which she must harness or the Bards Guild will sever her vocal cords. Theo’s rigid honesty leads him to make a bargain with the elves that may strand his friends in Corimar forever.

When the five seek the help of a local wizard, he dispatches them on a cross-country journey to collect items needed to send them home. During their travels, the group learns that something sinister is bringing chaos and evil to Corimar. They encounter bat-like creatures that carry people off, killer mermaids and vicious weretigers, as well as pixies and unicorns. Drawn into the intrigues of the mysterious Mordian, they discover their special talents could be the key to restoring balance to a world spinning out of control.

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