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Chains of Freedom

By Selina Rosen. Cover art by Charles Keegan.
With an introduction by C.J. Cherryh.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 390 pages

$5.00 + Shipping

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Get Chains of Freedom, Chains of Destriction, and Chains of Redemption for $24.00 + Shipping

The first book in the Chains trilogy

The world went to hell in a hand basket and was taken over by an evil empire known as the Reliance.  The Reliance turned the Earth into a planet of agricultural slaves and went off in search of better, more mineral and resource-rich planets where they ran into a bipedal, humanoid race known as Argys — who were doing the same thing. They instantly decided not to share the universe and went to war. Needless to say, neither the Reliance nor their alien enemy care one bit about the general population of either species.

When political prisoner David Grant ran from the forced labor camp where he'd been imprisoned, his only thought was of escape. However, fate turns its hand and as he runs blindly through the forest he literally runs into the one person who can help him in his fight against the all-powerful Reliance.

RJ is the rebel Elite who's been raiding supply trains and sabotaging Reliance facilities so successfully that even the work units know her name. With David's innocent enthusiasm and desire for justice and RJ's knowledge of weapons and warfare, they begin to chip away at the Reliance armor.

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