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Weirdough, Inc

By Selina Rosen and Sherri Dean. Cover art by Brad Foster.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$10.00 + Shipping

Available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Something is happening to the children...

But no one’s really paying attention. It’s not every day you get complaints from parents that their children are better behaved, are making better grades, do what they’re told…

At first David thought it was some joke but when the reports just kept coming in and he started to find all the… “Little Johnnie doesn’t hug us or engage with us”… “is distant and cold”… “killed the family pet”. That was the big, red flag. Three of those kids killed the family pet. David, a well-paid biochemist working for a huge toy company earned enough that turning a blind eye was tempting, but when his questions got him a pink slip, David looked up his ex, Aggy… and then it gets interesting.

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