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The Undead Ate My Head

By Ethan Nahté. Cover art by Mitchell Bentley.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$10.00 + Shipping

Available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

They're coming for you...

The Undead, Living Dead, Zombie or Ghoul. Whichever description one chooses, it all boils down (and sloughs off) to the basic fact that you can't keep a smelly, creepy, cannibalistic thing down. They're coming for you.

Ethan Nahté, author of "Bubbas, Barbarians and Yumbies...Oh My!" in Bubbas of the Apocalypse: A Stitch in Time Saves None (Yard Dog Press, 2010), digs up more vicious tales of the Undead in this collection of five short stories and a novella. Dark comedy comes out of some deep recess in two stories from the Bubbas of the Apocalypse world as the intoxicating "Flaming Yumbie" will teach you how to create your own bubba brew or you can lend a hand--or your entire arm--as a battle of the zombie sexes sparks to life in "He Grumbled, She Bitched." The spread of disease is brought about in a horrifying campfire yarn in "The Circle of Death" as European explorers first visit the Amazon. The zombie satire "Attack of the Bumbies" has truly unusual Undead overrunning Great Britain, making their BBC News cameo when things take a turn for the worst. The fall of Memphis and a sweet tooth sets the “Twinkie Trap” for a group of zombie apocalypse survivors in a battle to see who gets to enjoy the creamy center. Roadkill proves toxic in “Hillbilly Hell” when a group of lost students discover a dilapidated theme park is much scarier than any rickety rollercoaster ride. Run, fight or trip your best friend to let him become zombie munchies while you escape. Because, if you get caught, you'll soon be groaning The Undead Ate My Head.

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