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Tale of the Black Heart

By Linda L. Donohue. Cover by Mitchell Bentley.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$16.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Being a dragon queen's bard comes with a bundle of strings attached

In a dragon’s view, something is either truthful or a lie; they have no concept of fiction. Through a centuries-old misunderstanding, dragons are convinced that bardic tales are history, and the scholar's guild and bard's guild have agreed never to reveal this mistake to their dragon overlords. Unfortunately, Bard Deverel becomes caught in his own web of invented “histories” when the dragon queen he serves decides she must possess the magical black heart stone from Deverel’s tale. Queen Lin Lien sends him and her favorite dragon lord on a quest to recover the nonexistent stone. Deverel's travels carry him across the entire continent of Rothra and lead to startling revelations about himself, his family and the true nature of magic--and dragons. But how can he return home when the very item he was sent to retrieve doesn't exist?

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