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The Necronomicrap

By Tim Frayser. Cover by Mike Cole.
Saddle (staple)-bound Trade Paperback - 52 pages

$5.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

The Art of Astrooology

From the dawn of time, mankind has looked up at the stars and thought, "I'm hungry!" A little while later, mankind looked up at the stars and thought, "Hey, lookit those thingys up there! I wonder if I can eat them..?

Soon, after getting some supper, mankind started watching the lights in the sky, and noticed that some of the lights moved in patterns. The lights that didn't move obviously had poor agents. People who recognized the patterns of the lights got so they could predict what they were going to do next. It got to a point where the Number Two caveman in the cave told everybody, "Okay, if the gods think the Number One caveman should be replaced by me, THAT light THERE will move THAT WAY tomorrow night..." As the fires of the cave lit up the following night to celebrate the inauguration of a new Number One caveman — and the barbecuing of the former Number One caveman — the art of Astrology was born."

The Necronomicrap is a must-have for anyone who wants to give Tim Frayser money.

— Selina Rosen, author

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