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My Life With Geeks & Freaks

By Claudia Christian. Cover Photography by Robert Zuckerman. Graphic Art by Gilles Nuytens. Cover Design by Holly Evans.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback - 84 total pages, 28 photo pages

$12.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Claudia tells it like it is

A funny, fast-paced autobiography by the actress who we've seen in many movies and shows like Star Hyke and Babylon 5. Includes 28 pages of photos of Claudia taken by her friends and fans alike and used with their permission.

by Claudia Christian
Reviewed by Brad Linaweaver

Many actresses have composed memoirs in which the essential point is that they are survivors. However, only Claudia Christian literally survived being shot at point blank range by a psychotic fan dressed in a Tribble suit. Did we mention he was a postal worker?

Fortunately, it was a blank round, but, even so, the incident could have been the end of a charming human being. To quote Claudia herself:

Now, the thoughts which raced through my mind are not only tragic but also frankly painful for me to recall. I thought, "I can see the headline now: 'BABYLON 5 Star Shot By Tribble. Sci-Fi Actress Meets Ironic Death', this can not be happening to me. I am supposed to die a dignified death, in bed, clutching my Oscar and my Screen Actor's Guild Award!" I was lying on the ground clutching the very painful area of my ribs where the bullet hit and thinking dark thoughts as security dragged the morphed, psycho Tribble-killer away.

After a few moments I realized that there was no blood and that I was very much alive, alive and pissed off! I dusted myself off and stood up. Pulling my shirt up I saw a reddening, nasty looking bruise and a fat welt beginning to rise. It turned out that the gun was real; the bullets thankfully were blanks, blanks of the same caliber that killed Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee. Blanks, which had they hit flesh without bone protecting it, could have damaged an internal organ or killed me.

Those two paragraphs capture the tone of this wonderful autobiographical essay. Claudia Christian never loses her sense of humor. The woman is naturally courageous and witty.

It should come as no surprise that the Mad Tribble is not the only challenge she has had to face and overcome. Ever since she struggled into the thigh high red boots and theoretical skirt of the stripper taken over by a nasty alien in THE HIDDEN, she was one of those actresses born to be an icon. Along with offers of ever more bizarre roles (and opportunities to do serious work because of her higher profile) Claudia Christian receives more than her fair share of mutants and stalkers.

The good news for her fans is that she likes the vast majority of us because we aren't really dangerous. She is objective, even fair.

When she arches her eyebrows — the archiest eyebrows this side of Vincent Price — you know that she can see right through anyone. As a little girl, she buried herself in books. She had three older brothers with the usual degree of sympathy for a kid sister.

Starting out in Glendale, California, growing beautiful and tall, kicked out of drama class, and then receiving encouragement from Morgan Freeman, how could Claudia Christian not succeed? BABYLON 5 was fortunate to find its Ivanova. Smart, hip, sarcastic, she embodied the vision of a series that was truly the antithesis of STAR TREK. And yes, she even survived a Tribble attack.

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