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The Fantastikon:
Tales of Wonder

By Robin Wayne Bailey. Cover art by John Kaufmann.
Perfect-bound Trade Paperback

$14.00 + Shipping

Also available in e-book format:

Amazon: Kindle

Flights of fantasy beyond your wildest dreams

This new collection is the logical companion volume to Robin's previous Yard Dog Books collection, Turn Left to Tomorrow. That volume focused exclusively on his science fiction tales; this new book focuses exclusively on his fantasies. The Fantastikon contains some of his earliest stories, such as "Child of Orcus" and "The Woodland of Zarad-Thra," as well as his later works "Trampire" and "Killing Stars." They span a range of themes and styles, from sword-and-sorcery tales to urban horror, from the grim and gritty, to satire, to humor. As Robin says, "My moods change like the images on those stereopticon slides."

For the past three decades, I have admired and marveled at the storytelling skills of Robin W. Bailey. He has written passionately and prolifically of heroes and heroines, of monsters and mortals, and of magic and mayhem all kinds of wondrous stories, about all kinds of wondrous people.

Few writers have studied tales of wonder so thoroughly, and no one loves them more fiercely. So whenever you read a Robin Bailey story, you’re reading a story by an author who honors all of the great fantasists who came before yet who also leads you ever further into the uncharted territory they pioneered.

The literature of the fantastic has no greater champion. And you, the reader, could find no better guide to the wild magic that lies ahead.

— Brad Denton

Robin Bailey’s unique voice can be heard on every page of every story. Strong, confident, distinctive, he writes with authority that carries the reader through even the most far-out of places and times. Different though they may be from each other, you can be sure that each story here will deliver full reader satisfaction.

— Rob Chilson

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