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2014 CONS

Welcome to the Yard!

Are you tired of all those spectacular literary works that make you use your brain?

Do you crave the bizarre, the wild, the completely bouncing-off-the-wall?

Then come on in, grab a chain, pull up a tree, and bark at the passing cars. You belong in the yard with the dog — the YARD DOG, that is!


A slow, agonizing death...

Teo Azkuharaz and his fellow archeologists expected to be answering scholarly questions in the ruins on the planet the team is bound for. But the questions become those of life and death when their ship is attacked and taken prisoner by the yfel, a brutal reptilian race defeated millennia ago by the Virinian empire. Now the yfel are returning to exact revenge...and refuse to believe their enemy no longer exists.

Cover art by James (Elvis) Stephens.

Spirituality shouldn't be reserved for the rich.

Spirituality has often been seen as the property of people of higher learning and those who live their lives behind the closed doors of monasteries. In the 21st century more and more people from all walks of life are looking towards spirituality as a way to make sense of their lives.

Working class people also want to explore themselves and their environment and ask where do I fit in? What is my true purpose? Why am I unhappy? How can I be a better person?

Now in print!

All writers ask “Why me, God?!!” when they receive a rejection letter—unless they’re atheists, in which case they simply say, “Why me?” Writers never really accept “no”; they want to know why their story didn’t work....

All the stories in this collection have heart. They will all make you think. They just wouldn’t go in the print book, and now Selina can explain why each story didn’t make the final cut on the [original] print book, but were too good to toss. YDP did an E-Only edition with the stipulation that if the Ebook did well, we’d consider a print edition.

Well, the Ebook did well.

Now in perfect bound format!

Death, War, Famine, and Plague have died — now their wives are taking over. Too bad they don't have a clue how to do their new jobs. Look out, world — here come the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse!

Cover photography by Weems Hutto.

A place with a past.

Soon after retired silent-screen sta Eva Dupree learns that she might be terminal, she travels to the Baker Hospital and Health Resort, a luxury cancer hospital, with her dead husband's cat and her personal maid, Rose. When Eva starts to hear and see strange things, she can't be sure whether it's the effects of Baker’s unorthodox "cure" or her disease.

Cover art by Dell Harris.

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