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About Yard Dog Press

Welcome to the Yard!

Are you tired of all those spectacular literary works that make you use your brain?

Do you crave the bizarre, the wild, the completely bouncing-off-the-wall?

Then come on in, grab a chain, pull up a tree, and bark at the passing cars. You belong in the yard with the dog — the YARD DOG, that is!


While playing with a book of spells, Skyla, Theo, Jackie, Alyssa and Marcus accidentally transport themselves to the magical world of Corimar. The locals consider them adults, which sounds exciting until they realize that a bargain with the elves may strand them in Corimar forever. Through a centuries-old misunderstanding, dragons are convinced that bardic tales are history. Unfortunately, Bard Deverel becomes caught in his own web of invented “histories” when the dragon queen he serves decides she must possess the magical black heart stone from Deverel’s tale. Ten years ago we published Flush Fiction, Volume I: Stories to be Read in One Sitting. Now, only ten years later, we’re doing it again. Once again these amazing writers are saying it in—well, most of them in less than a thousand words!
Alaric Braidwine, young mageborn bard in training, has no idea that he’s about to become part of a legend. Traveling to Dun Gealach to learn magecraft under the Council of Mageborn, he finds himself drawn into a fiendish plot by a blood mage who wants to be a god. For Jhett, a young healer with a deadly past, the goddess Leshan’s temple is a prison that she’s promised, on pain of death, never to leave. But when her actions endanger her former lover, Tarik, Jhett embarks on a perilous journey across the southern desert to save him. When those who have always lived by the sword must combat an enemy without a face, will they have the skills to save the day or will all perish from the wrath of the Nameless One? And once they have been nowhere will they be able to return to the lives they know or be forever torn from all that they love?
Fall into the looking glass with James K. Burk's new short story collection. Eerie tales of suspense will captivate the reader from the very first story.

“Smooth entertainment from a born story-teller. Burk’s works are a pleasure to read."
—Rob Chilson, author of Black As Blood
Do you need your BOTA fix? Did you ever wonder what stories those future Bubbas will be reading to their kids? No? Well too bad ’cause here it is--a collection of bed time stories for every little bubba and bubbette and of course Ned who need to learn what happens when they don’t do what they’re told and the Yumbies eat ’em. The idea of following her mother as Queen of the Kartik is so distasteful to Jestia that she grabs her lover, jumps on a Katabull fishing vessel, and heads for the Kartik-held territories. Of course, the Katabull believe that only one who doesn’t want to rule will make a good leader, which makes Jestia just about perfect...

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