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2014 CONS

Today's Bitch

Just Stop Already

June 25, 2014

On my face book page once again some ass hat is whining that, “I’m put upon and looked down at because I’m a rich… (Or want-to-be-rich because most of the guys bitching aren’t rich yet) …white male conservative.”

A word to the wise: Those of us who are even now fighting against rich conservative white men to have any rights at all are sick to death of you bitching about your non-problem.

Up till recently in our country, you poor, down-trodden men have been the bullies. Women didn’t have rights. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics—and certainly gays—had no rights. And no one is persecuting white, male conservatives now. Other people enjoying the same rights and privileges you enjoy does not diminish you. Other people being treated as equals does not now—nor will it ever—actually hurt you. Unless, of course, you were using their status to gain power or money—in which case you suck anyway.

Many Christians are also all about whining about how badly they are being treated and abused these days. Why? Because we want to trample on their “right” to pray in the face of people who don’t believe the same way they do. Since they believe that gays are an abomination, they want to continue to have laws that protect them from our kind. We are treading on their rights when we fight for our rights because they believe we’re sinning. We don’t believe that, but what we believe doesn’t matter because it messes with what they believe.

Rich, white, straight, conservative, Christian men don’t want to give up the power that they’ve used for centuries. Who can really blame them? They’ve had a long, sweet ride—which by the way still hasn’t ended because they still have most of the money and power. The problem is that they want it all.

It’s true that women, blacks, Jews, Muslims—any ethnic, religious, or cultural group—have all committed atrocities against each other and other groups. Certainly I don’t condone bashing any group, but the thing is that these groups that are whining about persecution right now really have no idea what it’s like to be persecuted or they wouldn’t come completely undone just because any minority points the finger at them for what’s wrong with the country. You see, folks, that’s minor.

Those of us who have been persecuted remember things like forced marriages and unequal “justice.” We have been called names, harassed and beaten—often by those who professed to love us. Synagogues and black churches have been burned. The Native Americans were driven off their land, handed broken promises, traded like horses, and—like horses—were slaughtered in the thousands to drive people from their land. People were systematically rounded up and killed in a murder factory. Always because they were different.

Us and them.

There is no us and them; we are all humans.

Most of the people I love best in this world are straight white guys. What they aren’t is rich—nor are they willing to do anything, no matter how awful, to get there. They also aren’t conservative. They have no trouble sharing the world as equals with different races, women or gays. They are happy and don’t feel hated by anyone. They do get really annoyed when they are thrown into the pile with the straight white guys who have “caused all the trouble,” and rightly so. Normal men have never been the problem. It’s always been the rich and the powerful who have been the problem, and I dare say that as we become more equal that women and minorities will take their rightful spots in screwing up the country. They already have in other parts of the world.

I have friends who are conservatives, but they tend to hang to the left or—let’s face it—they wouldn’t be friends with an openly-gay woman like myself. I even have some friends who think they can be both very conservative and pro-gay rights. I ask them who they will vote for that will do that for them, and they never really have an answer.

Politically I tend to vote for the person I think is less likely to pull me out of my house in the dead of night and shoot me down on my front lawn. Rarely am I one hundred percent behind anyone I vote for, but when it comes to everyone having equality that’s the way I lean—towards the things that are going to make us more equal. We are not being treated equally now, nor have we ever been, in this country which prides itself on striving for equality.

Living in a country where five percent of the population holds sixty percent of the wealth is not helping us to become equal.

What all the reverse-discrimination people are really crying about when they say they are being treated like second-hand citizens is that they were perfectly happy when they had rights and the rest of us were eating shit. What someone who says, “I have no rights because I’m a straight, white, Christian, conservative, rich man,” is really saying is that he doesn’t like that those he’s always felt free to look down upon no longer have to kowtow to him.


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